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Barber’s Gin

617,00 Kč

0,7 l – 43,5%

Skvělý londýnský gin vyráběný tradiční metodou.

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Barber’s Gin 0,7 l – 43,5%

Skvělý londýnský gin vyráběný tradiční metodou. Until 1745, surgeons and barbers worked side by side. From this year onwards, King George II of Great Britain took the initiative to make a distinction between the two professions and separated the two roles accordingly, resultin in the barber’s responsabilities being limited to the cutting and styling hair and shaving. Despite this, many barbers managed to preserve a particular method widely used in these revoked medical functions which involved the use of gin, the alcoholic drinkof that particular period, as a lotion for shaving purposes. Gin was thus incorporated into the practices of some of the most renowned barbers, bringing an air of freshness and aroma to their services. Due to its organoleptic properties and unique manufacturing process, Barber’s Gin is a gin which continues to epitomise the traditional English standards of the period. It is produced in London employing artisanal techniques and is distilled in traditional stills. Like the fins of that era, Barber’s Gin does not contain citric botanicals, which in turns allows purists to serve it as recommended by us; simply gin and tonic, nothing more. However, if a touch of citrus flavour is desired, fresh lemon or orange peel can always be added to the Gin&Tonic.

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